Welcome to WOKEN WARRIOR COACHING — the official site for Empowerment Life Coach, Freddy Sanders!

Seeking enlightenment to change and shift your life is a major choice. So, I want to first CONGRATULATE you for the courage it took for you to even seek and explore new possibilities to do just that. It is my mission with WWC to EMPOWER men and women to be their highest, most powerful, and most connected expressions of themselves in their lives and in their worlds.


As an Ontological Empowerment Life Coach (currently studying in an ACTP program with ICF), I am trained to coach you in areas of your life that matter most to you. I specialize in personal/professional development, personal/professional relationships, personal branding, health/wellness, and trauma. My passion is working closely with male empowerment in areas surrounding the national epidemic of toxic masculinity. Should you choose to move forward life coaching, here is what you can expect to occur:


Your journey will begin with a free discovery call in which you will learn about what coaching is and what coaching is not. During this time, you may also discover exactly which areas in your life where you would like to make shifts. Finally, we will go through details about what our coach/client relationship would entail and determine if we are the best fit for that relationship.


Once we complete our discovery call and come to terms on our coaching agreement, you will agree to commit to the process. Coaching is not a session by session arrangement. It is a multiple-session journey that will give you the time and space to create the breakthroughs you want to see in your life. That requires COMMITMENT — a commitment to yourself.


When you commit to something new in your life, everything in your life changes and transforms with it. I can speak from personal experience. When you put the work in and really shift your thinking, and ultimately your being, you are sure to see amazing transformations in your life. And the beauty of the process is you will get there with the answers that are already within you! My job as a coach is NOT to transform your life for you. My job is to create the space for possibility and equip you to transform your own life. That’s where the EMPOWERMENT lies.

ARE YOU READY? I invite you to visit the contact page to schedule your free discovery call now! Remember, you are worthy of investing DEEPLY into yourself. I also invite you to read some of my articles that may uplift and inspire you through your journey.